[How to make radish and pickles is delicious_How to mix radish and pickles]

[How to make radish and pickles is delicious_How to mix radish and pickles]

May 19, 2020 AjndAxlE by admin

[How to make radish and pickles is delicious_How to mix radish and pickles]

I believe that everyone often has the habit of eating pickles, and also knows that if you buy more vegetables than you can eat, it will rot with aside, it is better to make delicious pickles, which is very good.To eat, if you want to make radish and pickles delicious, you need to wash the radish first, then cut into thick pieces of chopsticks, cut into small strips, dry them in warm water to remove the dust, and then season with saltSystem, which will make the radishes better and more delicious.

Method: 1. Wash 1. Turn the radishes into radishes, cut them first, cut into thick pieces of chopsticks and chopsticks, then cut into thick chopsticks, and then hang them on a cotton thread.day.

Thick slices, then cut into chopsticks 2 thick, wash the dust with warm boiling water, squeeze out the water and shake; add salt and add white wine and mix well, then mix with pepper noodles, pepper noodles (if you are afraid of numbness,Use a small amount of peppercorns instead), sesame (also can be sprinkled directly when eating), a small amount of sesame oil and well-balanced, put it into the earthenware pot (it must be filled and compacted by hand).

3. Use plastic wrap (several layers) and cotton thread to seal the mouth of the altar tightly, and cover the altar cover; put it in the shade for 10 days.

The real trick is to use an inverted jar: after packing and compacting, stick it in the mouth of the jar with bamboo sticks (the dishes will not loosen when it is inverted), and place the sealed jar upside down in a water tray (to prevent air from entering).
Nowadays, few people can pour cans, and so does the kimchi jar.

Ingredients for homemade pickled radish: white radish, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, old soy sauce, rice wine, salt method 1. Wash and peel the white radish and cut into strips, blow dry, and set aside.

2. Homemade sauce: 2 tablespoons of raw soy sauce, half a spoon of rice wine, 3/4 of white sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of old soy sauce, stir well.

Note that the containers used must not contain water.

3. Put the dried radish into the sauce, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, and it can be eaten after one day.

Note: Although the production process is simple, you must be careful not to have moisture (especially raw water), otherwise the materials will gradually deteriorate during the curing process.

There is a very simple way. At 1 time, after the radishes are washed, they are cooled with boiling water and salt, washed again, and then air-dried.

The standard of drying is that the surface of the radish is free of moisture.

The sauce can be adjusted according to personal taste, so the seasoning ratio in 2 can be adjusted according to taste.

Ingredients for pickled radish strips: 200g dried radish strips, Korean dried paprika (to be thick), 4 pieces of single garlic, mashed, 1 large piece of ginger, chopped, delicious, not too salty soy sauce 500ml, sugar 200Grams, MSG Best Practice 1. After the dried radish is decontaminated and washed with water, simmer it, put it in a large pot (also a large pot), and stir.

Sugar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and salty sweet taste (the most important thing here, your taste is everything), if the soy sauce is too salty, you can add some water.

2. After adjusting, pour it into a pan with radish sticks, stir in ginger and garlic, add Korean pepper noodles according to your spicy taste.

After mixing, cover the cylinder tightly.

Otherwise, the radish smells bad.