[How can potatoes be kept green?

[How can potatoes be kept green?

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】 _How to store_Storage method

[How can potatoes be kept green?
】 _How to store_Storage method

Although potatoes are delicious and nutritious, many people feel helpless about the placement of potatoes, because the potatoes are not easy to become green, grow sprouts, and even rot. In this case, potatoes cannot be eaten to avoid poisoning. In fact, potatoes can be placed if they are placed well.Avoid the green ones, and you can buy some and save some, so how do you keep the potatoes from turning green?

Let ‘s take a look next.


How to put potatoes will not turn into a green carton, add a few green apples, generally put 4-5 in the carton.

How to prevent the discoloration of the cut potatoes: The cut potatoes are susceptible to oxidation and discoloration when they are empty. You can soak the cut potatoes in water and use them when cooking.


How to make fries 1.

Ingredients for French fries potatoes, oil, salt 2.

The practice of French fries 1.

) Peel the potatoes first, then cut into half-centimeter-long strips.

Then put it in the upper part of the refrigerator to freeze.

You need to let these fries become iced before helping them, so that they will taste better.


) Then put the oil in the pan, and then cook it until it is ripe. At this time, the oil temperature is generally 220 degrees. After the oil is boiled, you can put the potato chips in the pan. We put the chips.Be careful when you do not use too much force or put it in the middle to avoid oil splashing and hurting your hands.


) Because the oil temperature here is very high, it is very hot to people.

Put the fries slowly from the side of the pan. Fry the fries for about two minutes. At this time, the fries will become soft and the color will become a little yellow. At this time, you can remove the fries.


) Drain the oil in a mesh container, then add some salt according to your personal taste, and a very good French fries is ready. Compare them with McDonald’s fries, seeDoes it look special?


There are many ways to make potato shreds. There are many ways to make potato shreds, such as vinegar and potato shreds, fried potato shreds with spicy sauce, cold potato shreds, and hot and sour potato shreds.Fish-flavored potato shreds, hot and sour potato shreds, vinegar and potato shreds, etc. 1.

Potato shreds potatoes, shallots, pepper, dried red pepper, vinegar, salt, etc. 2.

The practice of shredded potatoes 1) Wash the potatoes first, then shred them, put them in cool water and soak for half an hour, then drain the water, and cut the shallots into sections.

2) Boil the oil pan first, then add two tablespoons of oil, then add the peppercorns, fry them to black, and then take the peppercorns.

3) Then put in three dried peppers, and then put the drained potato shreds into the pan. Fry it constantly and quickly, or it will stick to the pan.

4) At this time, add the vinegar and salt, and then stir-fry until the potatoes are cooked. Then add the onion segments, chicken essence and other materials, then mix well and then bring out the pan.