[Latex paint is toxic, these foods can deal with]_ toxins _ how to eat

[Latex paint is toxic, these foods can deal with]_ toxins _ how to eat

May 18, 2020 夜网 by admin

[Latex paint is toxic, these foods can deal with]_ toxins _ how to eat

There are some substances in the latex paint that are not good for the human body, so the newly renovated house cannot be moved in immediately, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body.

Experts said that friends who have just moved into a new house must pay more attention to their diet. They can eat more pears, cucumbers, mung beans, barley kernels, etc., the detoxification effect is very good, and ventilation must be regular.

1, Sydney Sydney, the meat is as white as snow, so it is a common fruit.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Pear, Lee Ye, is fluent in nature.

“It can cure wind and heat, moisturize the lungs, cool the heart, relieve phlegm, reduce fire, and detoxify.

Medical research proves that pears have the functions of moistening the lungs, clearing dryness, relieving cough and phlegm, and nourishing blood and muscles.

Therefore, for patients with acute bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections, dry throat, itching, pain, dumbness, dense sputum, constipation, red urine, and expectorant are beneficial.

Pears have the effect of lowering blood pressure and nourishing yin and clearing heat, so patients with hypertension, hepatitis, and cirrhosis often eat pears.

It is cold and sweet, has the effects of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and phlegm, and nourishing blood and muscles, and is especially suitable for autumn consumption.

2. Cucumber Cucumber has the effect of clearing heat, quenching thirst, relieving water and reducing swelling.

Cucumber is crispy and tender, juicy and sweet. It eats fresh and quenches thirst, and has a special aroma.

Clear heat and water, detoxify and swell, and quench thirst.

Indications of body heat and thirst, sore throat, wind-heat eye disease, hot and humid jaundice, adverse urination and other complications.

According to analysis, the molecular weight of cucumber divided by 98% can absorb protein, sugars, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

3, mung bean mung bean, classic Chinese medicine believes that: swelling and ventilation, heat and detoxification.

Grinding raw mung beans into juice and swallowing it can cure erysipelas, anxiety, rubella, medicine, and heat.

Nourish the stomach.

Can be used as pillow to make eyes clear.

Can cure cold headache and eliminate vomiting.

Eat regularly, replenish vitality, reconcile the five internal organs, soothe the nerves, pass through the twelve meridians, remove dander, moisturize the skin, and make soup to quench thirst, relieve all herbs, cattle, horses, and poison of stone.

4. Coix seed Coix seed can promote blood circulation and water metabolism in the body, exert diuretic and swelling effects, and improve edema-type obesity.

Renshui is a good detox method. After boiling the coix seed with boiling water, add some sugar according to personal taste, which is a natural skin care product for skin whitening.